Training Centre (VIS) Vehicle Inspection Services Ltd

Educational programmes:

Safety and health

With the rapid development of technology and all factors of production, with the introduction of thousands of hazardous substances into the production chain, with the complexity and upgrading of work and professional activity, the supervision of workers' health is a task of primary importance. The prevention of risks and the surveillance of workers' health, where appropriate, are obligations of the employer involved. It should be noted, however, that the good health and well-being of workers makes a decisive contribution to increasing productivity, reducing production costs and improving the general social and economic indicators of any occupational activity.

EKKO ADR - international road transport of dangerous goods

International land transport of dangerous goods is governed by agreements concluded by the competent international bodies. The rules of these agreements are regularly adapted to technical progress with a view to improving safety.

EKKO P.E.I. - Certificate of Professional Competence (P.E.I.)

It is that which certifies that the driver concerned has received the required initial or periodic training, as defined in this Decree, and is therefore authorised to drive a specific category or categories or subcategories of road vehicles for the carriage of passengers or goods, provided that he holds a valid driving licence for that category or categories or subcategories.

First aid - First aid defibrillator

First Aid is the methods and techniques applied to non-life-threatening incidents. The aim is to reduce the victim's pain and keep a wound stable, excluding as far as possible its deterioration. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the name given to the technique which consists of chest compressions and rescue breaths. We apply Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) if we determine that a victim is not breathing in order to keep their brain oxygenated. It is also known as the "kiss of life".

Mechanical engineering

If the operation of machines, but everything to do with their construction, repair, maintenance, and driving, seem to you as a significant art, then the Department of Mechanical and Transport Engineering that will lead you to immediate professional rehabilitation and success!

Training on analogue and electronic tachographs - practical training

With the appropriate instructor qualifications, (VIS) Vehicle Inspection Services Ltd organises training seminars for drivers, fleet managers and workshop technicians on the legal framework of tachographs and their correct use.

Machinery operators

The skilled person with the appropriate infrastructure to operate the machines on construction sites